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Effective Endodontic Treatment in Kokomo, Indiana

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Under the Surface

People often think of a tooth as a whole unit. In actuality, it comprises several different parts including nerves, blood vessels and enamel. When you have a dental problem, get specialists who will treat every aspect of your teeth.

The Inner Workings of Your Teeth

For all of the dental information you’ve been taught, it’s likely you’re not very familiar with an extremely significant component. Underneath the enamel and dental layers of your teeth is the pulp. This matter is composed of blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves. It is the most important part of your tooth.

The Purpose of Dental Pulp

Tooth Pulp has a variety of functions. This cluster of nerves sends sensory information about temperature and pressure changes to your brain. It also helps the formation of dentin (the material under the enamel that comprises most of your tooth) and the growth of secondary layers that repair damage.

Treating Your Tooth’s Root

Endodontics is an area of dentistry that primarily deals with dental pulp. When this nerve bed is decayed, infected or has received severe trauma, it is necessary to take professional action. Root canals are performed to extract the damaged tissue from the tooth. Pulp cannot grow back, so it is vital that any early oral pain should receive immediate treatment.

Our Experienced Endodontists

Ladd Dental Group is dedicated to your care. We have specialists who have undergone years of training in order to handle any endodontic issue you may have. Our team will help you develop a personalized, preventative routine to ensure the continued health of your teeth. If a complete extraction is necessary, we also have dental technicians who are experienced with installing dental implants.